King Strength Training Methodology

Applying our King archetype to training, our programs are designed to cater to various ideals of humanity with logical approaches to training and fitness.

  • Warrior programs focus overall fitness with an emphasis on work capacity and HIIT conditioning.  Varied intensities, olympic lifts, and sweat is what you find here
  • Magician programs are general purpose programs that will deliver results without being too taxing. This includes: time-savers, for periods when you're short on time, but still need to train; and rehab-based programs to help strengthen weaker lifts and body parts.
  • Lover programs focus on Hypertrophy with higher volume and diverse exercise selection to perfectly sculpt your physique. Perfect between bouts of King programs to pump up your larger & stronger muscles and rest your body for a spell.
  • King programs are solely focused on maximizing strength development. Progression on the big lifts and their variations is the name of the game, be sure to level up through the programs to make the most of your venture for the throne.