King Me!

King Me!

King Strength specializes in delivering Strength and Nutritional coaching to bring any and everyone to their best self. A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to count calories, do endless amounts of running, and self-flagellation. Upgrade yourself and your life by becoming stronger than the obstacles that come your way. Be big and strong enough to do and look how you're supposed to.

It's time to get strong and become the King!

What is a King?

A King is more than the title of royalty.  

King is one of the 4 archetypes of manhood.  A man embodying that ideal is firstly, a leader of himself. A King leads himself, his family, community, and beyond. That is his kingdom.

The other archetypes of manhood are the Warrior, Magician, and Lover. The Warrior is a defender and protector, ready and able to handle any problems and threats that may come his way.  The Magician is skillful in his craft and capable of great feats that seem like magic to others.  The Lover is full of passion and drive for his goals and his loved ones.  A good King is balanced and mature in these other realms, the figure of manhood we deeply need nowadays.

Altogether, a G∞D King leads and protects with the ability and passion to do so effectively and our training programs will make you into the person you're meant to be. [Read More]

If you really want the title, are you able to strong enough?  

Are you fit to wear your crown? Get Stronger TODAY


Daniel “DJ” Jones also wanted to be big and strong like the heroes of every story, movie and game that he enjoyed as a kid. It took many years for him to mature and learn how to fully embody those principles and live out his goals in the real world. Finding the barbell in 2017 with the help of a friend and Stronglifts program, he found a new passion and productive way to develop himself.  That has lead him on a journey to self-care and self-discovery as her pursues his fullest physical capability. This includes being as strong, free, and living a good life by helping others to do the same.

Best Lifts:
Squat: 415lbs
Bench Press: 275lbs
Deadlift: 455lbs
Overhead Press: 195lbs

National Council of Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF-CPT)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach (Pn1)
Barbell Logic Coaching Academy